​21 Things Every Catholic Home Must Have This Christmas (And Where To Get Them)

It is that time of year that we begin preparing our hearts and homes for Jesus to be born into our hearts on Christmas. In order to celebrate the upcoming holy days, we decorate the inside and outside of our homes to remind us – and those we love – of the significance of Christ’s birth. ​Together with the team at TopCatholicGifts, we have put together the ultimate list of 21 Things Every Catholic Home Must Have This Christmas (and where to get them).

As we look beyond the gifts and secular distractions, we hope that you are able to enter into Christmas in a new way with some of these beautiful items, to keep Christ in Christmas, and to grow deeper in faith with your families.

#1 Nativity Set / Crèche / Manger Scene

The manger scene is the most significant visual reminder of the moment that Jesus came to us, and a beautiful way for our “domestic churches” to Keep Christ in Christmas, so we want to start by suggesting our favorite nativity set that you can find online.

PictureThis is the highest-rated manger scene on Amazon and is a beautiful, full set. It is a bit more expensive, in the $200 range, but for the realistic look and higher quality, it’s well worth it and should last a lifetime.

#2 Nativity Advent Calendar (Wooden)

When we found this wooden Nativity Advent Calendar, we instantly fell in love with it! For families, this is perfect. Each day, there is the excitement of getting little surprises, and children and adults alike see the image of Christ’s birth develop over the days leading up to Christmas.This beautiful, custom design doubles as a December calendar (up until December 25th), and is our favorite new find for Top Catholic Gifts.

#3 Outdoor Nativity / Crèche / Manger Scene

We are called to evangelize within our homes and to witness the love of Christ to our neighbors. Generally, you will see an outdoor nativity at a local parish, or maybe even in the town square. This white, wooden outdoor nativity set allows you to bring  the manger to your front lawn in a simple, classy way.

The white design will match any property and the wooden structure is suitable for different climates. This is one of our favorite new ways to help communicate the message of Keeping Christ in Christmas.

#4 Family Christmas 1,000 Piece Puzzle

The holy days are meant to be times for us to slow down and reflect on what God has done in our lives. We find ourselves running around constantly, but puzzles are a timeless opportunity to foster quality time among family members.

That is why we’ve chosen this classic, high-rated ​Nativity puzzle to be a must-have in every home this Christmas. With 1,000 pieces, you’ll spend hours together and have countless conversations while looking at the image of Christ’s birth together. Will you get the last piece?

#5 Christmas Carol Clock (with music)

Music warms the heart and the soul, particularly during Christmas time. The classic Christmas carols have a way of bringing us back to our childhood and childlike faith. Decorate with this beautiful Christmas Carol Clock to fill your home with the hymns we all love, and a design that will make any wall in your home sing Merry Christmas.

What’s even better is that this clock in particular comes in 3 different colors, and will match any color scheme.
#6 Jesse Tree Ornaments Set (Handmade)
Do you spiritually prepare well during Advent? Journey through Salvation history with this beautiful, handcrafted Jesse Tree. Jesse Trees are a very old Christmas Tradition, that first started in medieval times to tell the story of the Bible from creation to Christmas.

Our children get so excited for crafty projects with a spiritual purpose, and this Jesse Tree is one of the best items that we could find this year.

#7 Infant Jesus Statue Figurine in Crib  – Nativity Statue (7 inches)
In many households, it is a tradition to prepare a home for baby Jesus during Advent, and on Christmas morning place the a Christ figurine in the manger under the Christmas tree. What better way is there to Keep Christ in Christmas than to make sure the greatest gift of all, our Lord, has a place to rest in our midst on Christmas Day?
We love this Baby Jesus Statue Figurine on Amazon because of the price, quality, and different size options.

#8 The Legend of the Candy Cane

One of our absolute favorite Christmas stories is “The Legend of the Candy Cane: The Inspirational Story of Our Favorite Christmas Candy.” For those of us that are looking for a great family story to read year after year, this is a must-have. In the story, we discover that the Candy Cane is actually in the shape of a J – for Jesus. Whether you’re looking for a gift or memory to share with a child, sibling or grandchild, this Christmas book makes our list as a Top Catholic Gift.

#9 A Mother’s Kiss Mary with Infant Jesus Resin Statue Christmas Ornament

While the Christmas Tree has become the cultural symbol for Christmas, we believe it allows an opportunity to “Christianize” this focal point on Christmas. One of our favorite way to do that is to make sure there is an image of the baby Jesus among the ornaments of the tree.

We found this beautiful A Mother’s Kiss Mary with Infant Jesus Resin Statue Christmas Ornament, 5 Inch and think it is the perfect addition!

#10 Advent Countdown Paper Chain Kit

Looking for a great family crafty activity this Advent? Look no further than the Advent Countdown Paper Chain Kit. This adorable, inexpensive daily prayer tool is perfect for any Catholic family.

This is a modern, tangible way to journey to Christmas in a fun, decorative way.

#11 Merry Christmas Wreath

Whether you are hosting family for the holy days, looking for Christ-centered decor, or hoping to evangelize the mailman, this Merry Christmas Wreath is a great addition to any home. Not only is it very affordable (two different size options – $29 or $49), it is beautiful and literally says Merry Christmas.
PictureAwesome, right? Upgrade your door this Christmas season!

#12 Christmas Holiday Party Paper Plates and Napkins Bundle

Party lovers, this one is for you! Are you hosting a Christmas celebration this year with family, friends, or coworkers? Maybe you just don’t feel like doing dishes after a big meal. Check out this awesome, quality elegant Christmas Paper Plates and Napkins for 50 Guests (in Gold Foil and Red).
Not only does this set include 50 9″ Dinner Plates 50 7″ Dessert Plates and 100 Luncheon Napkins for Holiday Party, amazon also has corresponding red utensils (spoons, forks and knives) and Candy Cane cups! We love, love, love these!

#13 Willow Tree Starlight Angel Tree Topper

Okay, so this is for a specific crowd of Willow Tree lovers. We are big fans! For this classy, 12-inch Tree Topper, you have a subtle, neutral-colored design and that classic Willow Tree look.


As one of the favorites of Top Catholic Gifts, we highly recommend having your own ​North Star​ at the top of your Christmas Tree as a visible reminder of the story of the birth of Jesus.

#14 Happy Birthday Jesus “Ugly Christmas Sweater”

We just had to add this! Okay, so we all have that brother, father, uncle, cousin or grandfather that would look so good in this Happy Birthday Jesus “Ugly Christmas Sweater”. Though it is essentially a gag gift, when we think of the joy that comes with the Christmas Season and the trendy nature of ugly Christmas Sweaters, this is a #1 pick from Top Catholic Gifts.

#15 Purple Ribbon Advent Wreath

Advent is all about the anticipation of the birth of Jesus on Christmas. Perhaps the best way to prepare for our Savior being born into our hearts this Christmas is to journey alongside the liturgical calendar at home with this classic Advent Wreath. It is the top-rated wreath on Amazon, and for good reason. PictureIt’s low-cost, simple and elegant design will be a wonderful addition this year. (Don’t forget to get the candles… there is an option to get the bundle.)
#16 Advent and Christmas with Fulton Sheen Book

It wouldn’t be right to have an ultimate Christmas list without including an awesome prayer companion. That’s why we highly recommend Advent and Christmas with Fulton J. Sheen.

PictureThis low-cost (paperback), compilation of daily scripture and prayers with Fulton Sheen’s own words is the perfect aid for your spiritual journey this year!

#17 Nativity Cookie Cutter Set

Christmas bakers, this is for you! Don’t settle for ordinary sugar cookies. If you find yourself in the kitchen preparing tasty treats for a Christmas celebration, this 12-Piece Nativity Cookie Cutter Set is perfect.
(Party Idea: Play a game to see who gets Baby Jesus.)

#18 A Special Place For Santa Book

This book has become a must-have for every family around Christmas time. A Special Place For Santa is a beautiful story to remind us that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. As one of our favorite picks at Top Catholic Gifts, we think this book is the perfect way to keep Santa and Jesus in the Christmas experience.

#19 Christmas Decoration Pyramid – 3 Tier Carousel

As we were looking for unique, quality nativity decorations to add to your home Christmas display or a fireplace mantle, we stumbled upon this incredible Christmas Decoration Pyramid 18 Inches Nativity Play 3 Tier Carousel with 6 Candle Holders, crafted in Germany.


Candles create a beautiful atmosphere and, with the beautiful craftsmanship, this nativity carousel will fascinate guests and family members. Other sizes are available.

#20 Three Kings Deluxe Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Set

We love this! The story of the Three Wise Men comes to life in your home with this set Three Kings Gifts Christmas Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Deluxe Box (Set of 3). When you pray with the story of the Three Kings, this tangible set provides a beautiful visual aid for remembering the gifts that were given to the Christ-child, our Savior, King and Healer.

The ornate, hand-made chests are filled with pure frankincense, myrrh and real 23k gold.

#21 Nativity Wall Decals

The final must-have on our Top Catholic Gifts home Christmas list is the O Come Let Us Adore Him Wall Decal. With two different size options, this easy-to-use wall decoration will make any room classy and Christ-centered.

The material is high-quality, gold vinyl and a great find on Amazon, at a low-cost with great value.

Uh oh! You’re reached the end of our Christmas list! But, we have another great article that we think you’ll enjoy titled, “9 New Year’s Resolutions For Catholics.”

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