3 Best Pope Francis Toys / Action Figure and Bobbleheads, Catholic Toys For Boys & Girls


Are you looking for a great way to introduce your kids to our Holy Father Pope Francis? Check out these 3 Pope Francis Catholic Toys (Action Figure, Bobblehead, and Mini Bobblehead).

Buy Pope Francis Action Figure
Pope Francis Action Figure for Boys and Girls

1. Our favorite Pope Francis Action Figure is the Real Life Political Action Figure, Pope Francis by FCTRY. They make different political action figures, but also have one of Pope Francis. For ages 3 and up, the Pope Francis Real Life Action Figure is 6 inches tall.

With all of the action figures that are available for Catholic kids to play with, it would be great for our kids to grow up with a real-life Catholic hero and our Shepherd on earth.

The Pope action figure would be great for birthdays, first Holy Communions, graduation gifts or just for fun!

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Who Am I To Judge Pope Francis Book and Bobblehead

2. We stumbled upon this really cool mini Pope Francis bobblehead! Not only is this a hilariously fun Catholic gift for boys and girls, it also comes with a book with deeper meaning and teachings from our Holy Father.

Along with the Pope Bobblehead is a 32-page book with pictures, quotes, and a biography about the head of the Catholic Church, Holy Father and Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis.

3. Want a larger Pope Francis bobblehead (not the mini!), this one is for you. The best Pope Francis bobblehead is the Royal Bobble Pope Francis Bobblehead by Royal Bobbles.

This top-rated Pope Francis toy would be great on a shelf, desk, or prominent place in the home or office (if you want one yourself!).

This 10-inch bobblehead – just under 1 footlong – is a unique, historic item which is a fun way to bring the joy and gentle presence of the Holy Father into your life.

TCG rating of: 5/5 ✪✪✪✪✪

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