Best Mass Toys And Kits For Little Children (Great Gifts!)


Look what we just found! It is a fantastic pop-out Mass kit for kids – inexpensive, highly-rated and free shipping on Amazon – from the great, innovative designers at Wee Believers.

Children can unfold, assemble and learn by interacting with the pieces on the Mass table. The kit comes with colorful pieces, including the chalice, Eucharist Bread, incense jar, pillar candles.

There is an informational insert about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Adoration, and it’s made of durable cardboard. “Packaged all together with a carrying case when on the go”

We are always looking for catechetical tools and gifts for children that are fun, durable, and faith-based. We also think it can also be a good toy to introduce young boys to a Vocation to the Priesthood at an early age. What better way to have children enter into Mass is there from home, than a Mass kit that allows their imagination and faith to come together.

This meets the criteria of a great gift for little Catholics.
TCG rating of: 5/5 ✪✪✪✪✪

If you want other great Catholic Mass gifts for children, we also recommend checking out the following two Mass toys for kids:

    1. My Little Church Magnet Set– This is a 8×12, 38-piece magnet book, stored in a vinyl bag with an instructional booklet and allows children to learn about the church in a fun, tangible way. A great catechetical tool for kids, too!
    2. The Mass Brother Francis Coloring & Activity Book Catholic Mass (Soft Cover)– This Catholic Coloring book includes parables of Jesus and lessons of Gratitude, Humility, Forgiveness, and Worship. For about $2, you can get this awesome activity book on the Mass for kids. They will love it!There is also a complimentary Brother Francis Mass DVD that many families will use to teach about the Catholic Mass. We think the DVD is a really great supplemental tool that catechists, religion teachers, and DREs can use during sacramental training years.

      If you’re looking for other resources for raising children in the Catholic faith, check out our article for Keeping Your Teens Catholic. There, you will find the list and links to a Top Ten list by Catholic speaker Laura Domanico for how Catholic parents can help their kids become disciples.


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