Catholic Car Magnets (10% Discount)


From our friends over at, we are excited to share an awesome promo code for 10% off of their best items. Make sure to use the code: “TCG” at checkout!

If you’re just learning about Catholic Car Magnets, they are a family-owned and operated Catholic company that is literally bringing the Gospel to the streets. They say on their website:

“With something as simple as a car magnet, we can all be a part of the New Evangelization.  We may never know how many lives have been touched and perhaps forever changed by the grace from the gaze of our Lady whom they happened to see while driving on the road, or the protection from evil they received from the power of the Benedictine Medal.”

Our team members have these magnets and love them. They are made with quality material and the printing is made to withstand all climates. Somehow, they’re also able to keep the price at very reasonable (under $10 per), which is another reason we love them.

Lastly, they have a really great, no upfront cost Catholic fundraising model, which they will send you a personalized flyer, social media materials & bulletin publications to help you promote sale. The magnets will arrive 1 week before your fundraiser at no cost to you. They say, “Whether you want to host a life-changing retreat for your youth group, serve the poor through a mission trip, or simply offer refreshments to attract new members to your bible study, a fundraiser could be truly beneficial for you.”

You can find more information here:

For these reasons, receives a TCG rating of: 5/5 ✪✪✪✪✪


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