What Is TopCatholicGifts.com?


We have officially launched Top Catholic Gifts! With the release earlier this year of our list that went viral: 21 Things Every Catholic Home Must Have This Christmas (And Where To Get Them), we are off to the races and are quickly becoming the stand-out home for finding the best Catholic gifts online.

Whether you stumbled upon Top Catholic Gifts through a simple Google search, Facebook or Instagram Ad, or someone passed along our website to you, we are so excited that you have ended up on our website! Welcome to your 1-stop resource for buying the best Catholic gift for the perfect person.

We’d like to introduce ourselves, and share how this whole venture started.

Why Top Catholic Gifts?
For many years, we served various ministries and have met thousands of faithful Catholic along the way. As relationships formed and time passed, we constantly found ourselves in last-minute situations looking for good Catholic gifts. From Sacraments to “thank yous”, birthday parties and graduations, holiday gatherings and celebrations, or just random acts of kindness, we would find ourselves scrambling to find good gifts to get for parish ministry volunteers, religious brothers and sisters, priests and seminarians, and family members, too.

So, in an effort to find some of the best options for all of these occasions, we founded Top Catholic Gifts, the ultimate online website resource and guide for the best Catholic gifts that you can find. Over time, we will continue to develop this site with lists, reviews, and ideas for were you can find quality items for the ones you love.

How does it work?
One of the unique things about Top Catholic Gifts is that we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program, meaning we are a company that primarily uses an affiliate advertising program (which we only earn commissions). Rather than a running a traditional store, we are able to rely on the robust Amazon marketplace and inventory to promote the best gifts that we can find. This assures fast shipping, great service, and less limitations in what we are able to recommend.

The Top Catholic Gifts Newsletter
We also plan to have a robust e-mail newsletter subscription service that will be 100% free for subscribers to have the best gift idea content e-mailed on a monthly basis. For access to this mailing list, click here.

Join the Top Catholic Gifts community on social media
If you are visiting us for the first time, we’d love for you to also join us on our social media channels:

We provide regular, relevant content across our social media channels, which will also include exclusive overs, reviews and recommendations for products that we are affiliates of and non-affiliate items. Even if we don’t sell them, if they’re good quality and solidly Catholic, we want you to know about it.

Hopefully, we can take a lot of the pressure off when you need to find the right Catholic gifts, and our team is really excited to serve our community.

Want to e-mail us directly?
If you have any questions or are looking for suggestions for the perfect Catholic gift, DM us on social media or e-mail us directly at: topcatholicgifts@gmail.com

We are a work in progress
Before you leave this page, we want to thank you for stopping by, and want you to know that, as we will continue to grow, our #1 goal is to be able to provide unmatchable value to our community. We are a work in progress, but are so excited to become a recognizable online resource for Catholics all over the world.



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