Magnificat and Magnificat for Kids Subscription (Catholic Sunday Readings)


So, if you’re Catholic and somewhat plugged into a life of prayer, you’re probably familiar with the Magnificat Magazine. But, for those of you who may be new to finding various prayer companions, Magnificat is a collection of readings, Catholic hymns, prayers and spiritual reflections in an easy-thread, pocket-sized paperback book.

It is like having your own personal missalette.

You are able to order a yearlong subscription that is delivered to your house, or can be ordered in bulk for parishes.

Magnificat magazine is the best complete Catholic guide with the Sunday Mass readings in our opinion, and we highly recommend that all Catholics consider subscribing.

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Wow! There’s also a Magnificat for Kids!

Also available as a yearlong subscription is Magnifikid!, the children’s version of the Magnificat magazine. Magnifikid! comes with weekly reflections and fun activities for kids, based around the theme and readings for each Sunday Mass.

Magnifikid! is a great gift for Catholic kids for occasions like:

  • Birthday
  • First Holy Communion
  • Graduation
  • After receiving First Reconciliation

Our children receive these and use them each week. It is a great source to reinforce the message of each Sunday Mass reading, and a great conversation tool at dinner time.

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Are you subscribed to Magnificat Magazine or Magnifikid!?

Let us know!

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