Top Camera for a Catholic Production Studio


Technology is a rapidly growing (and changing!) field.

Top-of-the-line gear is crucial for making a great impression with the content that you’re creating. Do you ever wonder if you have the right gear for execution?

Today we’re featuring the all-new NewTek NDIHX-PTZ1 NDI PTZ Camera. If you are building your own personal Catholic production studio, or developing one for a private school or university, this is a must have!

    • NewTek NDIHX-PTZ1 NDI PTZ Camera Power Supply – Mounting Bracket – 1-Year Warranty
    • Native support for HD video formats up to 1080p 60
    • Integrated and automatictally supportvia NDI
    • Motor-driven pan-tilt-zoom operationwith preset positions
    • Remote control & monitoring via Web-based user interface

We want to also add that this particular camera, because of it being a new model, has tremendous longevity and will last for a while. When cheap plastic normally will wear, you don’t have to be concerned when it comes to this particular Newtek. Need more convincing?

Here is why we love it:

  1. This camera provides the ideal way for live video.
  2. It provides the first motorize pan-tilt-zoom cam, and can transmit complete High Def right into NDI devices.
  3. The multi-use nature of this camera extends beyond production and can serve as a surveillance device or for video conferencing We’ve recently spoken to specialists and carefully examined the reviews for this camera and highly recommend it for your new studio.

It is expensive, but worth it. If you plan to purchase and want to help us out, use our affiliate link by clicking here. Also, there is an amazing cleaning kit (also an affiliate link).

What do you think? Let us know!


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