Where Can I Buy Catholic Incense Sticks Online?


If you’ve grown up in the Church, you probably have memories of the “smells and bells.” If you’re looking to bring that aroma into your home, we have a suggested product that you can buy online. Create a sacred space with incense in the comfort of your own home.

You can buy Catholic Incense Sticks online. The Catholic Incense & Burners Gift Set with Holy Card by Sensari is amazing — and can be purchased on Amazon. In fact, this is the top rated product and we love it!  The high quality sticks have no unnecessary chemicals, additives, or dyes.

It includes:

  • 90 HAND-MADE 10″ INCENSE STICKS (30 each of hand-made in America, Frankincense, Myrrh & Catholic Essence. 
  • 2 BURNERS – the incense holders can hold at least 4 sticks. There is a bonus single ash catcher. 

During the liturgical seasons, like Lent and Advent, you can really transform your home or ministry space with these incense sticks. 

*Please note: this is not a product provided by TopCatholicGifts. We are not responsible for any harm experienced with this product. Always use with caution.

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